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  • HKS Legamax Premium Exhaust


    Motor vehicle spare parts are one of the most important things one looks for when buying a car. Car parts are innumerable, which are very important for the vehicle to function well. Even small part becomes a headache if not available. Vehicle parts along with its availability need to be very authentic and should not be reused. Also, there should be plenty of availability of spare parts so that it is always beneficial for the owner to repair their car.

    There are types of spares which comprise of mostly local brands and global brands. Car spare parts can be car specific or very generic. Specific car parts only fit to those particular cars and when it comes to generic spare parts, they cannot be used for any car. Right from the head lamp and rear lamps to the jack which is used to lift the car. Engines, gearbox, diff on exchange.  All these spare parts are very handy in order to repair the car.

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  • HKS Racing Suction Reloaded Kits


    All these spares are available at reasonable rates. Offers and discounts are also made available to car dealers.

    If you are looking for new or used parts for your car or bakkie, then ST SPARES, we guarantee WE WILL help you to get whatever you require and we will complete your search for your vehicle parts.  You will get spare parts for your new as well as used vehicle.